Surveillance Communications - Product Descriptions

Two-wire System - 920:

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The 920 two wire system can be connected to any portable radio. The microphone housing has built in ptt switch and is 36“ long. This can be run underneath a uniform, jacket, and swat gear. The receive cable is also 36” with a two pin Euro plug. The low profile or speaker button ear piece can be connected to this plug. The 920 can be used for patrol, surveillance, swat, security guards, or any portable radio situation.

Low Pro Earpiece - XX8A:

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The XX8A is a low profile, light weight, coil cord ear piece. The speaker is hard wired to the coil cable. No coil tubing is used. The right angle on the speaker capsule allows for a comfortable ear mold connection. The ear mold comes in small, medium, large for either the left or right ear.

Speaker Button with Ear loop - ME101:

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The ME101 is a small 600 ohm speaker that fits into a plastic ear loop. The ear loop allows for the speaker to sit on the outside of the ear for either the left or right side.