SWAT Communications - Product Descriptions

ADC 533:

ADC 533 Throat mic

The 533 is weather proof throat microphone. The throat microphone is attached with a adjustable elastic band with clip. The 533 has a Nexus U-173/U jack for an ear piece connection. This microphone is great for swat, surveillance, and hazmat setups.


ADC 06PTT6 Push to talk

The 06PTT6 is a weather proof PTT switch. The 06PTT6 can be configured as a “body” PTT. This will allow other body parts such as the forearm, armpit, elbow as well as the hand to key the switch. A ring guard can be installed to prevent the “body” key up style. A quick disconnect can be installed so a wide variety of headsets can be used.

ADC 930:

ADC 930 Push to talk

The ADC 930 is multifunctional speaker microphone that can be used in a wide range of applications. The 930 can be configured to interface with any portable radio. The standard 930 comes with a 3.5mm external receive jack. The 930 can be customized to work with helmet headsets, heavy duty/light weight headsets, and throat microphones.

ADC XX3-5/XX3-6:

ADC XX3-5/XX3-6 Push to talk

The XX3-5/XX3-6 are belt mount style ptt interfaces. The XX3-5/XX3-6 mates with the Nexus series TP-120 plugs, and combines a TJ-102 style jack with a momentary push button switch. The belt mount can attach via a metal clip or a leather strap. The belt mount can be configured to interface with any portable radio.

ADC XX4-8:

ADC XX4-8 Interface

The XX4-8 is a small inline interface that can connect to any portable radio. The XX4-8 comes with a ptt switch mounted on the housing with a quick disconnect. The quick disconnect allows a wide variety of headsets to be used.